Remy Automotive Europe
Acquisition of OE rotating electrics facility
- Hungary (Mezokovesd)
1998 Acquisition of rotating electrics reman. facilities
- Belgium, Tunisia, UK
1999 Construction of new remanufacturing plant
- Hungary (Miskolc)
Set-up of European Distribution Centre
- Belgium
Acquisition of Elmot
(OE- and aftermarket manufacturer)
- Poland
Launch of reman. program at Birmingham and Equip Auto shows
European launch of the HD and Reman Delco Remy programs
2000 Acquisition of OE facility
- Poland
2001 Acquisition of XL group with 5 factories (steering racks, brake calipers, ignition distributors and leads)
- UK
2002 Move to new factory
-Tunisia European
Introduction of 5 new product lines Expansion
European Distribution Center (EDC-1)
- Belgium
Acquisition of Delphi European air-cooled alternator business
- Poland
Opening second European Distribution Center (EDC-2)
- Belgium
2004 Name change from Delco Remy Europe to Remy Automotive Europe now offering 7 product groups for >90% of European car park
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