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Acceptance Criteria

• As stated in catalogues and on core criteria poster, based on the Remy Core Acceptance Criteria

Rolling eligibility (limited in time)
1. Part number level:
For each part number, the number of returned cores cannot exceed the number of purchased units
2. Group level:
Within each product group, the number of returned cores cannot exceed the
number of purchased units

Correspondence between the OE number on the core and the sales part number on the box will not only be checked in a direct way but also through alternative families.

Core bank
Surcharge will be credited if eligibility becomes positive within a certain time

Normal surcharge will be credited for remanufactured units, with potential deductions
(e.g. missing parts) as described in the Remy

Core Acceptance Criteria
Important additional information:
• For accepted warranty or finished goods returns relating to an approved stock order by Remy, the eligibility will not be reduced if the stock return relates to units outside a certain period.
• Transportation to Remy will be organized and paid by Remy providing full pallet quantities
• Remy is entitled to modify the core prices in accordance with the market. Returned cores will be credited at the invoiced prices per PN.
• The total number of cores returned exceeding the number of goods purchased within one calendar year require Remy’s authorization. Remy is not obliged to take back core upon the termination of business relationship.